How To Avoid Condensation & Stop Mould In Bathroom

Mold is a fungus that needs certain conditions to grow, and the bad news is that most homes have these conditions. Not only is it unsightly but it can also cause a variety of health conditions as well as structural damage to your house which could lead to an expensive repair bill. But how and why does mold grow in your bathroom and how can you prevent it?

How Does Mold Grow?

Molds are fungi, usually microscopic in size, that occur in nature in large quantities. They reproduce by releasing spores into the air. Spores settle onto surfaces and if conditions are suitable it begin to grow.

The ideal temperate for mold is between 77 to 86 degrees, fungi needs moisture, oxygen, humidity and condensation to grow.

Why Does Mold Grow In Your Bathroom?

It’s very common for mold to be found in bathrooms with plenty of water and humidity it is the perfect environment for mold growth.

With a family constantly using the bathroom for baths, showers and general bathroom usage, wet surfaces of water can appear which if not dried out and create moisture ideal for mold.

When the water in the bathroom does dry out it evaporates into the air and increases the humidity. Steam from showers or baths also makes the bathroom more humid. Since bathrooms are often not well ventilated the humidity tends to linger and wet surfaces take a long time to dry out.

How To Get Rid Of Mold?


Most bathrooms have a ventilation fan, check that your fan isn’t blocked and working correct. Ventilation fans have a purpose to remove the moisture out of the bathroom the major problematic issue which causes mold.

If you have a particularly big mold problem then you can ask an electrician to rewire your fan with a timer so the fan will continue running after you are finished in the bathroom. If a fan is not an option in your home then make sure that your bathroom is naturally ventilated by leaving both the window and the door open after baths/showers to ensure a flow of air through the room.

Anti-Fungal Solution

Once a month wipe down the bathroom with an anti-fungal solution. Remember to include the ceiling when you do this as it is a prime area for mold growth. The floor can be mopped with mold inhibiting solutions such as vinegar.

Creating a hygienic and dry environment is the most effective way to prevent mold from accumulating in your bathroom. All bathrooms should be equipped with an exhaust fan to eliminate moisture with these simple tips you can reduce the mold in your bathroom today and with minimal effort before the problem gets bigger.

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