How much will it cost to replace your flat roof?

Constructing a flat roof is quicker and cheaper than the traditional pitched roof with a cheaper installation cost and fewer materials. Flat roofs do however have concerns, as gravity will not help to push snow and water off the roof these weather conditions can cause the roof to degrade and leak. This means that flat roofs also need a lot more maintenance than a pitched roof to keep them leak free and in good condition, but even with all the maintenance, your flat roof lifespan will only last around 10 to 15 years.

How long should it take to replace my flat roof?

Time frame for roof replacements will depend on size, access, height and materials used. But on average a single garage should take one day with two men working, and with a double garage allow for a day and a half. Even on small jobs taking less than one day, a competent and professional roofer would always come back the next day to ensure that the flat roof was watertight overnight.

Cost of Replacing or Repairing a Flat Roof

The average cost of replacing a flat roof is usually in the range of £700-£1500 depending upon what materials the roofing contractor uses, if scaffolding will be needed, and the size of the roof.

Most roofers operate in pairs and will usually charge around £200-£300 per day. Usually the job will be completed within a single day, and the roofer should always come back the next day to ensure there are no leaks.

Average costs for replacing a flat roof:

Single Garage £700 1 day time frame

Double Garage £900 1 day time frame

2-storey Extension £1200 1.5 days’ time frame

Choosing a Contractor for Flat Roof Replacement

Take your time when gathering cost and price estimates from roofing contractors and researching the different materials for your roof. Be sure that your contractor can provide you with professional recommendations from previous jobs and certified from bodies such as the NFRC. If you choose to go with a built-up roof or modified bitumen, your contractors should be familiar with the safety requirements for this kind of roof installation. To find a qualified contractor who can help you replace your flat roof get a quote from I Want A Tradesman.

Is Your Roof Ready for Autumn?

The warmer seasons have past and we are quickly approaching the winter spell, now is the time to prepare for the changes in weather and the exposure of our roof.

If you want to make sure your roof is ready for whatever the wet and windy British weather may bring then follow our autumn roof checklist to make sure you are prepared.

Remove Debris

When was the last time your gutters were cleared? As autumn leaves fall windy weather can cause blockages in drain pipes which can cause major issues.

Not the best way to spend your free time clearing the gutters however you can add covers to your gutters as you clean them so only the smallest leaves can land in your guttering.

Autumn Inspection

Look at your roofline from ground level to see if there are any visible problems such as damp patches, leaks or cracks, if your loft is also easily accessible then take a torch and highlight any potential issues.

Clear Your Roof Vents

The more airflow going through your roof the better and you will less likely leaks or cracks will appear as you ventilate your attic. While on the roof check the vents for anything that may clog such as dust, debris or old animal nests.

Get A Quote

Climbing on your roof may simply just be a task that you are not comfortable doing. Health and safety is always priority number one so any doubts that you have reaching your gutters and roof then call the professionals. With years of experience your local roofing company will go up onto your roof providing a thorough inspection and prepare your roof before expensive issues occur. Getting this inspection complete in autumn gives you time to resolve the issue before winter hits.

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