Chimney Sweep in Stoke on Trent

What have you got up your chimney? Professional chimney sweeping in Stoke on Trent is now a much needed modern and efficient cleaning process. It is recommended that your chimney be swept annually if you burn solid fuels due to the build up of soot, which can cause chimney fires. Chimneys can also become obstructed with rubble or even birds nests. A clean chimney can make your existing gas or wood fire more efficient, saving on your heating and fuel bills.

Chimney Sweep in Stoke on Trent

The latest statistics show that there are roughly 7,000 chimney fires a year in England, most of these are preventable. About 40 people die each year, with some 4,000 people needing treatment in accident and emergency from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning across England and Wales.

To keep yourself and your family safe from fire and deadly hazardous gases you should take have your chimney swept regularly, especially before the colder winter months set in and you begin to need your fire and chimney again.

Stoke on Trent Chimney Sweep

Our services include:

  • Chimney sweeping and smoke testing
  • Gas fires disconnected and blanked
  • Chimney inspection certificate issued
  • All types of flue liners supplied and fitted for gas and multi-fuel
  • All types of pots and cowls supplied and fitted