• November 25, 2020
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How To Become A Google Guaranteed Tradesman

google guaranteed tradesman

Google Guarantees purpose is to increase users’ trust in a local business that’s advertising online through Google. The little tick is a signal that this is a credible company that users can count on. It’s Google’s way of saying that they’d rather you used the services of a ‘guaranteed’ service provider, rather than that less trustworthy one that hasn’t earnt the green badge.

If you’re backed by the Google Guarantee, and your customers that came to your business through Local Services Ads aren’t satisfied with the quality of your work, Google may, in absolute and sole discretion, reimburse the customer up to the amount paid for the initial service, subject to a lifetime limit of £1500.

Should A Tradesman Become A Google Guaranteed Business?

Google guarantee is important for all local businesses, if Google trusts you then a potential customer/client
is going to be more likely to trust you too. And if you’ve got the Google guarantee, you’re more likely to sell more online, because users will consider your services expert and truly trustworthy.

With the trust of Google comes the fastest way of climbing to the top of the Google search results, once owned by the Google Ads now is owned by Google Guarantee. However only your company name, city, phone number, hours of operation, and customer rating are shown.

Some trades are not included in the Google Guarantee more niche trades may become late additions but it is worth checking your trade before continuing. Every business is different, you’ll need to decide if it is worth the cost for your business, weighing the cost and the time against the potential rewards. Your competition is a key factor, if your competitors are a larger number then potentially getting the edge will be more beneficial. However if you are more rural in the UK countryside and have fewer competitors or perhaps your current marketing SEO/PPC/Social is working well then why fix what isn’t broken?

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How Can I Become Google Guaranteed?

Firstly you’ll need to be using Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords this is a pay per click service on the Google platform.

You’ll then need to sign up for Google’s Local Services advertising platform, this is the same principle as Google ads however you pay for leads, not clicks and impressions. You’ll use this form to enter some personal details and basic information about your business.

Now come the checks, Google insists that every person that works for you will need to undergo a background check. That includes employees, contractors, workers and every person who might visit a customer’s location in the name of your business.

Once these steps are complete your business will then become Google Guarantee.

How Much Does Getting Google Guaranteed Cost?

The program costs a base fee of $50 per month however, there are also costs for every lead.

Costs vary depending on your trade, but the average cost per lead seems to be about £10 – £25. Businesses are able to dispute leads that aren’t legitimate for example, if the customer is outside of the local area in your ad or if incomplete customer contact information is provided, preventing you from following up.

With Google Guarantee only just coming to the UK you’ll be ahead of the crowd if you start now, winning more leads and generating greater income.