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How To Look After Your Lawn This Autumn

With the warmer weather now leaving us moving into autumn it is important to prepare for the cold weather ahead. Putting effort into lawn care over autumn will improve the health of your lawn through until spring next year.

Below are our top tips to keep the quality of your lawn healthy over the winter period:

Apply autumn lawn feed

Applying an autumn lawn food in early autumn will help combat the frost by strengthening your lawn with the added bonus of giving your lawn an attractive green colour.

Autumn lawn feed is high in phosphates which will better protect your lawn from frost and colder weather. Summer lawn feeds are soft and easily damaged by frost which is why over autumn we recommend only using autumn lawn feed.

Mowing Your Lawn

As we approach the end of the year with less daylight and the temperatures begin to drop we see our lawns slowing down in growth. As we need to mow our lawns less frequently it is a good idea to raise your lawnmower cut level. Keeping your mower in top condition with the mower blades sharp will help the risk of damaging your lawn.

Top Dressing

Top dressing improves the soil structure and root development to help you grow a healthier lawn and helps with your drainage. Simply apply a brushed layer into your lawn surface especially in lower areas using the back of a rake and make sure to work the layer well into holes caused by pests and spiking

Although British weather is known to be wet and windy, sometimes we do catch a break and enjoy a spell of sunshine. Once you have the chance and your lawn is dry pick the fallen leaves and twigs out of your lawn to stop your lawn from growing. If you have a particularly large lawn then lawn vacuums are available for hire from local garden centres or DIY stores to help speed up your lawn care.

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