What are the best and worst cities to own an electric car?

With an increase of 55% year-on-year increase in new EV registrations, a host of new electric cars are being launched and with the Government insisting that it’s committed to a combustion engine-free future the question now is are our towns and cities prepared?

The short answer is no, as the UK has large towns and cities still without a single EV charging station the deadline of 2040, when solely petrol or diesel-powered new cars will not allowed to be sold is starting to creep in.

EV Stations Government Investment

Action is however being taken to boost the amount of EV charging station government has recently announced a £400 million worth of investment co-funded by private sectors, which aims to get 5,000 fast charging points available by the year 2024. It is urging the people to switch on to electric cars, hoping that by the year 2040, the country’s goal to switch over to electric from fossil-fueled vehicles will go as planned.

Worst city to own an electric car

  • Mansfield EV Charging Points – 0
  • Northampton EV Charging Points – 0
  • Swansea EV Charging Points – 0
  • Kingston upon Hull EV Charging Points – 0

Best city to own an electric car

  • Milton Keynes EV Charging Points – 192
  • Aberdeen Charging Points – 100
  • Newcastle upon Tyne Charging Points – 75
  • Coventry Charging Points – 122
  • Nottingham Charging Points – 215
  • Edinburgh Charging Points – 130 EV Charging Stations UK
  • Glasgow Charging Points – 152
  • Leeds Charging Points – 104
  • Portsmouth Charging Points – 41
  • Derby Charging Points – 56
  • Croydon Charging Points – 35
  • Southampton Charging Points – 47
  • Slough Charging Points – 29
  • Sunderland Charging Points – 56
  • Bristol Charging Points – 66
  • Liverpool Charging Points – 77
  • Plymouth Charging Points – 16
  • Peterborough Charging Points – 9
  • Leicester Charging Points – 28
  • Luton Charging Points – 13

Data published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders shows over 25,000 pure electric new cars were purchased during the first nine months of 2019, more than double the total in the same period last year.

These cars now hold a 1.3% share of the new car market.

But industry experts have warned that demand for pure electric cars will be restricted unless there are significant improvements to public charging stations across the UK.

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