Burglar-proof your home this winter

As winter approaches and the dark nights draw in many of us will escape the cold in the comfort of our homes. But darker nights also mean a greater need for home security, especially when you are not at home.

Let’s look at some steps you can take to keep your homes safe and secure during the winter months.

CCTV Installation

Consider installing a CCTV system. People don’t like to think they could be caught on camera when up to no good – but, make sure your cameras are placed correctly so that you’re not overlooking other people’s homes.

Must-have CCTV features:
• Motion detection
• Night vision
• Wi-Fi capability
• Weatherproof casing

Smart Locks

Smart locks let you open the door using a keypad, finger scan, or your mobile device. That means you no longer need keys, which can get lost, given to a friend or someone working in your house and not returned, or hidden under the doormat where a burglar is sure to look.

Security lights

Fit outside security lights to the front and rear of your home to ward off potential intruders. These could be dusk-to-dawn lights which turn on at night, or, motion sensor ones that switch on when movement is detected.

Light Up the Landscape

Dense shrubs next to the house can provide a hiding spot for burglars, especially in areas that are not well lit. You don’t need to remove the bushes or plants and diminish your landscaping efforts. Place lights around your front and back gardens, along pathways, and near the garage and other outdoor structures.

• Always put away stools and ladders.
• Lock gates, sheds, and other outdoor buildings.

Fit an alarm

A working, well maintained, visible alarm keeps your home safe from potential intruders. Monitored alarms over bells only provide an extra deterrent as burglars know that someone else is ready to action an alarm if it is triggered.

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